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INTRODUCING THE PERNICE ROUND BODY Pernice combines the perfect synthesis of elegance and style with state-of-the-art technology from ANTONIO ZOLI Srl. LEARN MORE A TRUE ROUND BODY BOSS ACTION GAME GUN The Pernice Over Under Round Body upland game gun is machined from monolithic forged steel. LEARN MORE BEST QUALITY ITALIAN CRAFTSMANSHIP The exquisite scroll work is signed by the famous Bottega incisioni. The oil finished Prince of Wales stock features fine hand checkering. LEARN MORE CHURCHILL RIB SILVER SOLDERED BARRELS The Pernice barrels are silver soldered and equipped with a Churchill rib. The Round Body is available in 20, 28 and .410 ga and barrels from 28" to 32" lengths. LEARN MORE ZOLI DESIGNED REMOVABLE TRIGGER GROUP State-of-the-art Zoli dropout trigger with self lubricating springs and titanium nitrate treated trigger parts. LEARN MORE ZOLI PERNICE ROUND BODY AVAILABLE AT THESE FINE DEALERS LEARN MORE ON ZOLIUSA.COM
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